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Proposed New Marketing Research Currency - Questions and Answers

Access Frequently asked questions and answers here.

Proposed New Marketing Research Currency – Expression of Interest

Interested parties are welcome to let us know if they want to participate in this initiative.

AMF appoints 2016 Board and Sets Mandates for the year

The AMF has elected its Board for 2016, which will comprise of the following representatives for each Agency Group.

Invitation to Tender: Establishment Survey

The South African Media and Marketing industry hereby invite suitably qualified research companies to register their interest.

Myopia: Are we slowly suffocating the out of home industry?

Out of home (OOH) media owners generally lease space from landlords to erect structures for advertisers to display their advertisements.

AMF advocates forward-looking research solution through Media Charter

In a call for collaboration to create and fund a central Establishment Survey for the South African advertising, marketing and media industry ...

A world without AMPS, maybe ! But a world without Fred Perry?

In view of the alarming standoff between the media-owners and Saarf, I’m often asked to reflect momentarily on a world without AMPS...

TV planners navigating choppy waters

Life for television planners has not been easy of late. Britta Reid says there is a light at the end of the tunnel… but that the tunnel is a fairly long one.

Media research at the crossroads

The South African Advertising Research Foundation (Saarf) is different from the rest of the media research world.

So what has changed in the last decade?

During October 2013, the South African Advertising Research Foundation (Saarf) released the latest All Media and Products Survey (Amps)...

Suppose they created a market segment and no one came?

Writing in McCall’s magazine about her son’s resistance to the Vietnam conflict in 1966, American author and poet Charlotte E. Keyes tweaked a line from a Carl Sandberg poem and posed a universal question: “Suppose they gave a war and no one came?”.

The future of audience measurement

What does the South African Audience Research Foundation (Saarf) mean to the media planner?

Outdoor or Out of Home…What’s in a name?

The global revolution in consumer behaviour and media consumption is challenging many of the accepted fundamentals of media strategy.

Polishing the rough diamonds

Yes, media agencies have too much on their plates, but they need to find time to nurture the newbies to keep the industry alive.

Putting media agency heads together

Britta Reid says that the only way forward is to bring digital and traditional experts together to find the perfect strategy

Danger of a 'tipping point in media agency business

Our world is changing. Our friend Mr Google advises that on one day recently, the tag-line ‘Advertising trends for 2013’ received more than 228 million hits.

COLUMN: AMF on pitching, free and fair

A group of Advertising Media Forum (AMF) members has compiled pitching guidelines for the industry in order to open up the debate on the process.

Feedback from AMF Master's Beneficiary

Dear Erica and AMF team
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to do the Internet Marketing Course.

Nielsen and Cinema data update

Cinemark have reworked data back to January 2010. Unfortunately due to system errors, they are only able to report Jan 2010 - Dec 2012 at an advertiser level, not at a brand level. This has been fixed from January 2013.

Our objectives for 2013

One of the key burning issues the AMF will be addressing in 2013 are ensuring that the industry is able to track Media Inflation on a monthly basis...

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latest news
Access Frequently asked questions and answers here.
Interested parties are welcome to let us know if they want to participate in this initiative.
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