Nielsen and Cinema data update

Cinemark have reworked data back to January 2010. Unfortunately due to system errors, they are only able to report Jan 2010 - Dec 2012 at an advertiser level, not at a brand level. This has been fixed from January 2013.

  • Popcorn are compiling their January and February 2013 data.
  • We have met with Nielsen, and agreed that cinema will be reported like the OOH sector i.e. we will report one cinema line, and not split out Popcorn and Cinemark
  • Jan/Feb data will be supplied to Nielsen in the next few weeks for upload, and we will sense-check the data on their test system
  • All being well, this Jan-Feb data will be released in April, and then every month thereafter as per normal.
  • Nielsen is considering whether to release my backdated data as Cinemark donít have it at brand level, and Popcorn are unable to go back before January.

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